Get in the game: Play golf to elevate your status and find new friends to connect with, featured on

Recently Notedd featured the article, GET IN THE GAME: PLAY GOLF TO ELEVATE YOUR STATUS AND FIND NEW FRIENDS TO CONNECT WITH. Golf is not only a sport. It is a tool, and can be used to lift you into social and professional circles. With golf, you can advance your career. Read the article on

My favorite part of the article is as follows: Who is the average golfer? The game is most commonly played by professional men because it is a tool for building relationships in their career.  More women are taking up golf, according to surveying organizations like the National Golf Foundation*.  According to the 2018 National Golf Association survey,  there were “5.7 million female On-Course Golfers. Females represent a disproportionately higher percentage of beginners (31%), juniors (36%) and off-course participants (44%) than they do in the overall golf population.” However, these studies do not indicate how many of the women are black or of any color. The ambiguity and lack of information is not a surprise, women of color have historically struggled to be seen, in plain sight.

Just do it, Get in the game: Play golf to elevate your status and find new friends to connect with.

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Are you like us, a little intimidated by the game of golf or even don’t know where to begin to start playing? ⛳️🏌🏾‍♀️ Consultant and Writer LJ Finney discusses the intersectionality between golf, networking and business. She also shares the importance of why more Black women and women of color should get more involved and a few ways you can get into the game. Swipe to the left to learn more and read the full article using the link in the bio! . . . . . #staynotedd #notedd #blackhistory #womenofcolor #news #perspective #culture #blackculture #blackwomen #blacknews #blackqueens #selfcare #brownqueens #knowyourworth #affirmations #blackwomenlead #womenofcolornews #hispanicwomen #asianamericanwomen #womenneews #blackandbrowncommunities #blackowned #hispanicowned #covid19 #coronavirus #communitiesofcolor #golf #golflife #getintogolf #womeningolf

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